Where I Stand On The Issues


Families and small businesses are the backbone of our state. As your State Senator I will fight to make sure all families and businesses have the chance to be successful and prosper in Minnesota.  We do that by:

1. Enacting long term, permanent tax relief for middle class families

2. Finally eliminating the tax on social security income

3. Reducing and eliminating burdensome regulations forced on small businesses

Much of this work was started by Senate Republicans last session, but it wasn't signed into law, we need to continue the fight for tax relief next year!


Everybody deserves to feel safe in their communities, we need to work together with community members and police officers to develop programs to maintain safety across our community and across the state. To do this we need to:

1. Identify ways to increase recruitment for understaffed police departments, including grants for students studying to become law enforcement officers and funding for the Pathways to Policing program.

2. We need to stop the progressive policies that are allowing repeat offenders back on the streets, the rule of law should be enforced for all offenders.


For decades Minnesota was always the top state in the nation for education.  Recently we've fallen out of the top 10 states in the nation.  We need to work to make sure that each student in Minnesota has access to a top quality education, and we do that by: 

1. Make sure decisions are made locally by parents and school districts and not by the bureaucrats in St. Paul.

2. Get politics out of the classroom.

3. Advocate for the parent's right to chose whatever education choice they feel is best for their children.

4. Return to tried and true core curriculums so our students are at or above grade level  in reading and math so they can succeed in life. 

If we focus on these things, by the time each student graduates they should be ready for whatever path they chose after their High School graduation. 


I am and will be a strong 2A supporter and will not infringe on those rights. I will not support any sort of weapons bans or red flag laws. I will also support and advocate for Constitutional Carry and stand your ground laws.  I was honored to receive a A(P) grade from the Minnesota Gun Owner's Caucus and an A(Q) grade from the NRA Political Victory Fund.  I was also honored to be the only candidate in Senate District 58 to be endorsed by the MN Gun Owner's Caucus Political Action Committee.


I have always been an advocate for the right to life for the unborn, and will fight for the rights of the unborn in St. Paul.